Oracle Loan

Are you a Lagos State Public Worker or Civil Servant with an Oracle Number?

Get Up to 1 Million Naira in Flexible Low-Interest Loans Today.

Do you need finances to grow your business, settle medical emergencies, or the regular impromptu bills that pop up now and then? You no longer have to let frustration win again.

If you're a Lagos state civil servant or public worker with an Oracle number, you can access as much as 1,000,000 naira Oracle loan without stress.

No equity or collateral is required, plus you can enjoy a flexible repayment plan of up to 12 months.

Why Choose SAHA

As a public worker, or civil servant, chances are you’re finding it difficult to meet up with responsibilities, or execute family or business projects as you’d like because of the size of your salary.

The SAHA Oracle loan gives you access to loan facilities that can help you give your family the life they deserve. Your kids no longer have to be driven out of school while you wait for the end of the month to pay up school fees. You no longer have to hide from your landlord, or take alternative routes on account of debts. You can even take out a loan to kick off a side-business or grow an existing one to increase your streams of income.

The best part: you don’t need any collateral or equity contribution to take an Oracle loan. Simply send in a valid ID, a copy of your oracle number, and authorized pay slip to get started.
We’ve made it as easy as possible, so you can be on your way to giving your family a better life.

Other Benefits Include

Low interest rates

The SAHA Oracle loan comes with amazingly low interest rates to ensure you’re getting the best value for your loan, and that you don’t break the bank when it's time to repay.

Flexible repayment plan

With up to 12 months repayment schedule, we don’t just give you the best rates, we ensure that paying back is easy, flexible and, possible.

Responsive customer service

Don’t you just hate it when financial service providers take your money seriously, but not your complaints? With SAHA you can be sure of responsive 24/7 customer service that is committed to ensuring you enjoy the best customer experience possible on our platform.

Free SAHA account

Signing up also gives you full access to the SAHA digital banking platform where you can perform a host of banking activities seamlessly.

Peace of mind

A loan doesn’t always have to mean a rise in your BP, or a visit to the doctor. Avoid loan sharks running after you after giving you a high interest rate and short repayment period. With the SAHA Oracle loan, you can enjoy peace of mind and comfort on any loan you take out.

You're in Safe Hands

Are you worried about the safety of your financial or personal information? Don’t be! SAHA is owned by GTI, one of Nigeria’s leading and longest standing financial service providers. Like GTI, SAHA prioritizes the safety and security of customer data, and conforms to the highest standards of data security and privacy to ensure client information is safe.
Our platform is risk free, threat free, and scam free!!!

Our Process

Apply for the SAHA Oracle loan in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Create a free account here

Step 2

Complete your KYC with the correct details

Step 3

Apply for an Oracle loan under Salary Plus Loan

Create a free account here

Complete your KYC with the correct details

Apply for an Oracle loan under Salary Plus Loan

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Get Instant and Collateral-free Remita Loan of up to 1 million naira today


SAHA is a digital banking platform owned by GTI.

We’re located at (GTI House), 4, Tinubu Street, Central Business District, Marina Lagos, and Yes, you’re very welcome to drop by.

Under 24hrs, provided your documentation is complete

Yes, it is. It can do everything your traditional bank accounts can do.

In the case of an unapproved loan, use the platform for a little while to build credibility and apply again.
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